Accessories & Spares

Accessories & Spares

Accessories & Spares

Looking for Faucet Aerator and Multi Floor Trap to make your bathroom fittings complete and accurate? Here you are! The best Wall Mounted Hand Soap Dispenser is here for you. Whether it is a UPVC tank connector, extension nipple, male adaptor, or anything else that you think is the supplementary or spare part that you are looking for in your process, we have it for you!

Explore a wide array of accessories that cover plastic sink couplers, PVC male adaptors, solid brass or plastic water tank connectors, tap aerators, or any other matching machine adaptor set. You will find everything with us. You just need to reach out to us and get a list of your requirements, such as a Plastic Multi Floor Trap, Hand Soap Dispenser, and Extension Nipple. We will make it easily accessible for you.

Our products always stand out because they are flexible, long-lasting, highly durable, and corrosion-free, so you can get them with complete perfection. We, the most reputed Faucet/Tap Aerator Manufacturer, always strive for quality and keep us the trendsetters in the industry, serving the customer needs for several years now!

Whether your list of products includes the additional add-ons that make your bathroom look wow-worthy and organized with a streamlined look and feel, you may look for a Wall Mounted Soap dispenser that helps you keep the place neat and tidy. Not just that, we have a huge collection of bathroom accessories that you would be keen to know about! Whatever your requirement, we, the Distributor/Supplier/Wholesale Dealer of Soap Dispenser, ensure that we fulfill your requirements. So, don’t wait; explore today!

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Yellow Teflon Tape New

Yellow Teflon Tape

White Teflon Tape New

White Teflon Tape

New Tank Connector AS-001 AS-001

New Tank Connector

Tank Connector AS-002 AS-002

Tank Connector

Extension Nipple AS-003 AS-003

Extension Nipple

Male Adaptor AS-004 AS-004

Male Adaptor

5 Floor Trap AS-005 AS-005

5 Floor Trap

6 Floor Trap AS-006 AS-006

6 Floor Trap

Aerator AS-007 AS-007


Top Assembly Full Turn AS-008 AS-008

Top Assembly Full Turn

Ceramic Top Assembly AS-009 AS-009

Ceramic Top Assembly

Washing M/C Adaptor SET AS-010 AS-010

Washing M/C Adaptor SET

Soap Dispenser AS-011

Soap Dispenser

Sink Coupler AS-012

Sink Coupler

Washing M/C Inlet Pipe WP-006

Washing M/C Inlet Pipe

Washing M/C Drain Pipe WP-007

Washing M/C Drain Pipe

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