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Experience the real happiness of bathing with Leo Taps' Plastic Hand Shower. Our products aid in starting your day with mindful rejuvenation in every morning shower you take! We make your wish of enjoying a hassle-free bathing come true. Leo Taps is one of the industry's most reputed Shower Head Manufacturers and Suppliers.

We are experts in manufacturing Bathroom Plastic Showers with elegance and beautiful product designs. Our customers benefit from equipping our product in their bathroom to have a pleasant atmosphere to take a shower/bath. Yes! Our PVC Shower Heads are aesthetically designed to match the bathroom ambience. With our product, you can get the tempo of your bathing speed.

Leo Taps' Shower Head is engineered to deliver the preset water discharge force either the user increases or decreases the water discharge level. The curves, edges, and surface finish of the Plastic Shower Head with Arm suit well with the bathroom wall finish. We are the pros in bringing the excellence of premium and rich factor to elevate the mind-soothing bath. Explore your hidden talents while bathing with an uninterrupted water supply with Leo Taps' Bathroom Shower Head.

Leo Taps manufacture Shower Arm in standard sizes that give the user comfortable bathing. Our product's length, angle, and diameter are engineered to deliver highly efficient water discharge with the proper water flow. Quality offerings are our motto. We put extra care and pay special attention to preferring the materials used to manufacture bathroom fittings.

The Shower Head Filters assembled in our product delivers great performance in resisting dust and water deterioration of small sizes, which gives our customers hygienic bathing. The clogging of water soil particles is quite common in the long run. Leo Taps' Shower Heads are designed to enhance easy cleaning and maintenance.

The adjustments provided in our product enable users to keep the shower at its convenient angle without resulting in water leaks. The spray holes are bored and precisely positioned to deliver maximum water spray coverage. Leo Taps' Plastic Shower Heads with Shower Arms are highly water efficient, enabling customers to consume less water for complete and satisfied bathing.

Hygienic washing is not a demand; it is a basic requirement. Fulfil your hygiene needs at your toilet/washroom with Leo Taps, the leading Health Faucet Manufacturer and Supplier. The Toilet Health Faucet is designed to deliver water under the required pressure. The spray holes on the Plastic Health Faucet are positioned to maximize water consumption efficiency with a minimal water level.

The trigger parts are manufactured with high-quality engineering polymers to enhance durability and withstand the rough usage of daily wear and tear. The water tube attached to the faucet enables the user to use it hassle-free. Also, the PVC Toilet Faucet is designed to give the user a firm grip and clean the filter easily.

Our Jet Sprays are highly durable and last longer without any functional dip of water discharge. The mechanism and water discharge technique incorporated in the Plastic Jet Spray ensures the user has uninterrupted water usage without any dip in the water force. Hence, the water force discharges at a higher velocity which gives our customer to get control over efficient vehicle washing.

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