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Preventing your plumbing line from sediment settlement and clogging must be your priority. Leo Taps' Water Tank Filter is the best solution to reducing unnecessary maintenance work in the plumbing line at residential and commercial buildings. We are one of the leading Water Tank Filter Manufacturers in the industry.

Our products are one of the top-selling Plastic Water Tank Filters in the marketplace. Our filtration technology integrated into the tank filter completely restricts the entry of finer soil particles. The filter embedded in the product is made of a close, solid mesh. Our product is engineered and manufactured to regulate water flow without reducing the flow velocity when water passes through the filter system.

Leo Taps' PVC Water Tank Filter gives customers great control over their regular maintenance. We follow stringent quality testing to ensure our product delivers uninterrupted water filtering functions. Our Water Tank Filter does not develop an air lock when water is passed through the system in the long run. We have excellence in manufacturing highly reliable filter systems for residential water tanks.

The connecting points of the Tank Filter are engineered with threads to support a firm connection. The diameter of the inlet and outlet are designed to keep the standard water pipe dimension in mind to reduce the need for additional connectors. Our manufacturing process adds extra value to our product.

The materials we prefer for manufacturing are UV-stabilized; hence, the filtration system withstands all seasonal conditions of higher temperatures without affecting the filtering process's original functionality. Gardening will be mind-pleasing if it is watered with a high-quality Watering Hose. Leo Taps has earned the reputation of being the most reliable Manufacturer of Water Hose Pipe in the industry.

Our pipe is manufactured with high-quality engineering polymers, making it suitable for safely transporting potable water. These pipes are one of the essential add-on materials in the construction industry. The Water Level Tubes are manufactured with higher transparency and of the required gauge thickness, enabling users to monitor the water being transported.

The transparency of our Water Level Tubes assists our customers in planning the building's sea level more accurately. In addition, our tube gives accurate water level marking that can be observed with the naked eye. The colour pigment used in the manufacturing is highly durable and retains a transparent nature for many years.

We manufacture Garden Hose Pipes with stiffness and handiness to aid our customers in having great control to handle with a firm grip. Our Water Hose is lightweight and easy to fold or unfold the tube more efficiently. We offer our products at the standard length, and on request, we manufacture tubes at custom length.

The thickness of the Garden Hose does not break or result in permanent deformation. We, the Manufacturer and Supplier of Water Level Tube/Garden Pipe, offer pipe to provide a firm connection when connected with the tap and other connectors without tending to lose its gripping.

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