Benefits of a Health Faucet

Benefits of a Health Faucet

Benefits of a Health Faucet

November 01, 2023

The introduction and preference for health faucets in the Indian Restroom have started a revolution in the replication of Westerners' bathroom styles. Nowadays, people are paying special attention to maximising the outlook of the bathroom. Also, it has been considered that bathroom accessories are some of the factors that influence the aesthetic of the building. Gone are the days when people had preferences for buckets and tubs to get done with their hygiene requirements.

It is beyond the actual need. Modern bathrooms with healthy faucets have become the norm. The water discharge, the length, and the mechanism of the health faucet are the underlying reasons for the origin of evolutionizing Indian households. The benefits of bathroom accessories are immense. This article is penned for you: which to choose for your bathroom, health faucet, or conventional hygiene? Let's jump into the context.

What are Health Faucets?

The sanitation of a household starts with the bathroom. It is a part of the house where a person leaves and utilises most of the fittings and accessories to appreciate hygiene. Health Faucets resemble hand showers in product design and functionality. The water discharge and faucet cap diameter are the differences that can be observed. A health faucet is the assembly of a faucet gun that disseminates the water from the plumbing line once the faucet is triggered using the gun mechanism.

The health faucet is provided with a shower or connection tube of the desired length, which varies with the brands that offer it. The end user does not have to put in their maximum effort to use the health and hygiene faucet. A simple press and hold is quite enough for complete hygiene.

Environmentally Friendly

The health faucet is considered eco-friendly compared to the conventional method of practising hygiene through toilet paper. Cleaning after pooping with the aid of toilet paper might be very hard to observe in Indian places. But people in the NRI category are stuck on the practise of using toilet paper in Indian households.

The disposal of toilet paper has to be done with precautions and tool kits, as it might lead to the spread of infections when the junk is mishandled. With health faucets, the water after being used for hygiene requirements turns into waste, which makes it very easy to dilute the concentration of infection.

Also, it doesn't require any special attention, like toilet paper. Health Faucet protects the forest from deforestation by minimising the cutting down of trees for the manufacturing of toilet paper.

Easy to Use

Health Faucets are very easy to use. People of all age groups find it very difficult to keep up their hygiene. More specifically, people above the age of 50 find it very beneficial to use the health faucet. Yes, the conventional method of cup and bucket makes them feel uncomfortable. Also, if a person is physically injured on the hand, a health faucet gives them the leverage to keep up their hygiene at ease.

Complete hygiene can be ensured at the convenience of the user. Also, it aids in saving more water compared to conventional methods.

Easy Installation

Installation and maintenance of health faucets are completely easy. Yes! The additional work depends on the existing plumbing line in the bathroom. Moreover, it is suitable to install at any water pressure on the pipe, as the entire mechanism does not completely depend on the water pressure flowing from the overhead water tank.

The assembly of the health faucet installation requires the angle valve and the faucet holder to rest the health faucet when it is not used.


A health faucet is the best find of humankind. It is strongly agreed that it enables greater benefits for the end user. Keep an eye on the quality of the health faucet when purchasing. Are you interested in purchasing and installing a hygiene faucet in your bathroom? Leo Taps is one of the reputed manufacturers of faucets and can fulfil your requirements.

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