Types of Plastic Water Taps: Everything You Need to Know

Types of Plastic Water Taps Everything You Need to Know

Types of Plastic Water Taps: Everything You Need to Know

December 15, 2023

Water taps are the basic need every one of us relies on! Our day starts and ends with the usage of taps. The daily routine won’t be the same if no faucets are fitted in our places. Undoubtedly, it comes under the basic amenity of every home.

We are getting upgraded in different lifestyle angles, and so are our preferences and likings, which are shifting in the days when you and I pay less attention to selecting the taps. But things have changed now.

Modern and stylish started to rule the preferences in every element infused in the places that we reside. We are very interested in burning more cash for the aesthetic values in both interior and exterior.

Water taps and fittings are among the elements for creating a living space filled with elegance. If you’re about to disagree, wait! This article is penned exclusively to enlighten your thoughts with valuable information about the water taps.

The Beautification Factor

A few decades back, our homes used to be fit with the same water tap models, starting from the bathroom till the last point of application. Things changed! Everyone is giving importance to the tap style attached to the designated application.

Though the functionality and purpose of water taps remain the same, the shape, design and style make a difference. It has been normalized ever since the homes are fashioned with beautiful interiors.

We are investing heavily in purchasing top-notch taps, fittings, wash basins, cisterns, showers, and many more. Everything matters a lot!

Be Choosy

We must be particular when choosing a water tap based on the application. Plastic water taps make their competence with the other fixtures and fittings interms of aesthetics and deliver a luxury touch.

Choosing the right kind of tap adds more beauty to the place.

In addition, it intensifies charming experiences. It’s all about the preference and the likeness to choose fixtures that perfectly fit in.

Choosing the idle model of taps for different applications creates an odd environment.

The Guidelines

The consumer market is stocked with full of various models. Some taps have elegant designs and simple designs. Some make the wrong choice of installing the tap of stylish design in all the place.

Though it looks good, it will create a messy environment when fitted, irrespective of the application. Are you one of them? Don’t worry! We are about to discover which tap is chosen based on the application.


This kind of plastic water tap holds a huge fan base. BIB Taps are chosen blindly to equip in the bathroom space and on washbasins.

We would have observed this similitude in most of our homes. Bathroom and Bib tap makes the best combo to enhance the beauty and experience. The shape, available colour and firm grip ideally give us a better experience to relish whenever we use it.

With the rising demand for variants and colours, brands like Leo Taps and Supreme offer bib taps to match your preferences and bathroom interior aesthetics.

Wall Mixer Tap

Every bathroom has a water heater. Hence, the heater outlet and water tap inlet have to be connected. The exclusive tap installation individualized for hot and regular water destroys the bathroom aesthetics.

Wall Mixer Tap is the best invention of all time, enabling us to use hot and cold water from the single tap integrated with controllers.

A simple switch is all we need for a perfect bath. The design is exquisite and matches the bathroom in glossing up.

Two Way Tap

This tap gives us the benefit of untapping the water from dual points. Two-way taps are most commonly preferred in restrooms to connect the health faucet.

Mostly, these taps are available with threaded to enable easy connection and eliminate additional attachments. These taps are compact and match with aesthetics.

Pillar Tap with Designed Neck

These taps are exclusively designed for kitchen layout. We always seek extra space when washing the utensils.

Pillar taps give us the leverage and allow us to have a comfortable experience. The design of these taps magnifies the water force.

PVC Pillar taps are available in different coloured variants to match the kitchen aesthetics.

Washing Machine Tap and Garden Tap

These taps are exclusively made to deliver this purpose. The diameter of the tap and the provision of threads let us create a strong connection.


We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights. You have an idea of the types of plastic water taps and the purpose it delivers. Leo Taps is one of the leading brands in the market, offering end-to-end water taps and fittings that fulfil your requirements. Please visit https://www.leotaps.com/ for more information.

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