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Flush Tank Spares

Flush Tank Spares

Are you on the lookout for Toilet Flush Valve spares for your household? You are in the right place. With Leo Taps, the most reputed Toilet Flush Valve Manufacturer, you find the best and most classy options based on your single flush tank and dual flush tank spare needs, whether it is a Flush Tank Push Button, Toilet Flush Pipe, Toilet Seat Hinges, Toilet Seat Cover Hinges, Soft Close Toilet Seat Hinges, and a lot more. We exist to help you redefine your toilet's Flush Cistern with the best products.

From Toilet Flush Valves that are available in colour or chrome-plated models, you will find the best option with us. Usually, it becomes a challenge for you when your flush tank starts leaking or water does not get stored in the tank, or even if it slips off and doesn't get flushed properly from the tank. These may happen because of sedimentation and other related challenges. You can get through this by changing the diaphragm washer inside the tank and trying to replace the Flush Tank Straight Pipe, And Flush Tank Outlet Pipe.

With us, you will find all the flush tank spare parts at an affordable price and with the best quality products. We, the Distributor/Supplier/Wholesale Dealer of Toilet Flush Valves, strive to deliver the best to you, so you don't have to worry about the quality factor with us.

Easy customized options, dimensions, and the products you need are made available. Just reach out to us, explore our collections of Flush Cistern Spares, and purchase what you need!

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Syphon FT-005 FT-005


Straight Tube FT-006 FT-006

1 1/2" Straight Tube

Diaphram Washer FT-007 FT-007

Silicon Washer

Diaphram Washer FT-008 FT-008

Diaphram Washer

Fill Valve FT-009 FT-010

Fill Valve

Tube Set FT-011 FT-011

1 1/2" Tube Set

Dual Flush Switch FT-012 FT-012

Dual Flush Switch

Seat Cover Hinge Set FT-013 FT-013

Seat Cover Hinge Set

Economy Lever Type Flush Valve FT-020 FT-016

Economy Lever Type Flush Valve

Ecnomy Flush Valve FT-017 FT-017

Economy Flush Valve

1 Tube Set FT-018 FT-019

1 1/4" Tube Set

Straight Tube FT-017 FT-020

1 1/4" Straight Tube

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