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Classic Series

Classic Series

The exclusive array of classic collections at Leo Taps and Fittings gives you an excellent option to choose from a variety of products based on your requirements. We have been in this industry for more than two decades now, being recognized as a Pvc Water Tap Supplier for diverse industries. If you are looking for the most reliable and user-friendly Wash Basin Tap Plastic Dealer near you, your search ends here! Under the roof, we make every possible option to suit your Pvc Tap for Wash Basin fittings and requirements. With us, you never need to worry about the quality and durability of the Plastic Water Tap.

You are welcome to choose from a wide range of products from Leo Taps, the Pvc Water Tap Manufacturer, that is suitable for your daily needs - Short body and long body taps, garden taps, washing machine taps and a lot more. From a wide variety of bathroom taps and fittings, plastic pvc water taps, and plastic basin taps to kitchen faucet dealers, you will find everything with us, at a comparatively better price. Not just that, we are unique because of the quality that defines us:

  • Our Pvc Water Tap are made up of high-quality polymer-engineered polymers
  • Full turn spindle mechanism is inbuilt into the Pvc Tap for Wash Basin
  • 3 years warranty for any of the manufacturing defects available at Leo Taps, the Pvc Water Tap Wholesale Dealer.
  • Various colours of Bathroom Taps and Fittings are available that suit well with your decor.

So, if you are looking for the best bathroom accessories suppliers or Pillar Plastic Water Taps Distributors of any sort, you can easily contact us for the best experiences. We always make it easy for you to explore our array of taps, Bathroom Fittings and Accessories and match the one that fits your needs. No compromise to quality is the benchmark of Leo Taps, the Pvc Water Tap Manufacturer/Supplier/Distributor, the products that we have delivered so far for our global customers.

Here is the wide range of our Classic Collections of Bathroom Fittings and Accessories.

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BIB Tap Short Body C-001 C-001


BIB Tap Long Body C-002 C-002

BIB Tap Long Body

Garden Tap C-003 C-003

Garden Tap

Washing Machine Tap C-004

Washing M/C Tap

Wall Sink Tap C-005 C-005

Wall Sink Tap

Wall Sink Tap Premium C-006

Wall Sink Tap Premium

Sink Tap Table Mounted C-007

Sink Tap Table Mounted

Pillar Tap Swan Neck C-008 C-008

Pillar Tap Swan Neck

Wall Mixer C-009

Wall Mixer

Angle Valve C-010s

Angle Valve

2 Way Tap C-011 C-011

2 Way Tap

2 Way Angle Valve C-012 C-012

2 Way Angle Valve

Urinal Push Tap C-013 C-013

Urinal Push Tap

Push Tap C-014

Push Tap

New Pillar Tap C-015 C-015

New Pillar Tap

MM valve C-016

M & M Valve

Pillar Tap Smart SM-001

Pillar Tap Smart

Sink Tap Premium Smart SM-003 SM-003

Sink Tap Swan Neck Smart

Sink Tap Premium Smart SM-004 SM-004

Sink Tap Premium Smart

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