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Cube Series

Cube Series

Excited to explore our Kitchen Sink Taps Wall Mounted Cube Series? It can bring you a lot of exciting Plastic Water Taps and Fittings. We are here to give you excellent options for your household in terms of Long Body Bib Tap, Angle Valve Plastic, Swan Neck Pillar Tap, and even the garden hose tap cube series. A lot more awaits you!

We, the Kitchen Sink Taps Wall Mounted Manufacturer, are pleased to take you into our Cube Series Collections that give you exciting experiences. Buy the most reliable Bathroom Accessories, and Bathroom Fittings from us and enjoy the rest of your hassle-free days. When you select the Kitchen Sink Taps Wall Mounted, you may have challenges in terms of salt sedimentation in the pipes, proper and consistent water flow, the durability or lifetime value of the pipes, corrosion resistance, and ease of use. On top of everything lies the quality of the PVC Taps we use.

With us, you don't have to worry about anything. PVC Water Taps are made from top-quality raw materials, and you will never find a quality defect in our pipes or fittings. We, the Distributor/Dealer/Supplier of Long Body Bib Taps, present you with an exclusive collection of our product range that includes Long Body Bib Tap, Angle Valve Plastic, Swan Neck Pillar Tap, Kitchen Sink Taps Wall Mounted, and a lot more.

  • Best quality assured
  • Long life and highly durable
  • Ease of use and flexibility for regular use
  • No salt sedimentation

Ready to take the first step in getting into the best pipes and fittings? Start exploring us today!

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BIB Tap CU-001 CU-001


BIB Tap Long Body CU-002 CU-002

BIB Tap Long Body

Garden Tap CU-003 CU-003

Garden Tap

Washing Machine Tap CU-004 CU-004

Washing M/C Tap

Angle Valve CU-005 CU-005

Angle Valve

Wall Sink Tap CU-006 CU-006

Wall Sink Tap

Table Sink Tap CU-007 CU-007

Table Sink Tap

Pillar Tap Swan Neck CU-008 CU-008

Pillar Tap Swan Neck

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