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Coral Series

Coral Series

We welcome you to explore our wide collection of Corals Series pipes and fittings for your everyday use. Crafted from high-quality materials, quality is rest assured with every core of Kitchen Sink Tap. In the Coral Series, we present you with a wide range of Plastic Water Taps. wall-mounted taps, kitchen sink taps, 3-in-1 wall mixers, long body wide cock, flexible swan neck taps, and a lot more. Your comfortable usage is the main motto of Leo Taps, the Kitchen Sink Tap Manufacturer. We craft our PVC Tap products for your ease of use and reliability. The more frequent the usage is, the better the experience is with us.

With a wide range of PVC Water Tap collections such as Garden Tap and Hand Washing Tap, we help you to work seamlessly in the kitchen, make your gardening stress-free with good water flow assured, and simplify your day with our 3-in-1 Wall Mixer, Wall Mounted Tap, kitchen sink taps, long body bib cock, Hand Washing Tap, wall-mounted kitchen faucets, and a lot more. These are great additions and bathroom accessories for your household as well as for bathroom fittings to get relentless experiences.

  • The 3-in-1 wall mixer is made of high-quality materials.
  • Lightweight and promotes ease of use.
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Various colours of Kitchen Sink Tap based on your preference are available.
  • Designed to make your days simpler and more effective.

We, the Distributor/Dealer/Supplier of Kitchen Sink Tap, offer our product range at the best price you can ever think of!

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Bib Tap Angular CO-001 CO-001

Bib Tap Angular

BIB Tap Short Body CO-002 CO-002

BIB Tap Short Body

BIB Tap Long Body CO-003 CO-003

BIB Tap Long Body

Garden Tap CO-004 CO-004

Garden Tap

Washing M/C Tap CO-005 CO-005

Washing M/C Tap

Angle Valve CO-006 CO-006

Angle Valve

Pillar Tap CO-007 CO-007

Pillar Tap

2 Way Tap CO-008 CO-008

2 Way Tap

2 Way Angle Valve CO-009 CO-009

2 Way Angle Valve

Wall Sink Tap Premium CO-010 CO-010

Wall Sink Tap Premium

Sink Tap Table Mounted CO-011 CO-011

Sink Tap Table Mounted

Pillar Tap Swan Neck CO-012 CO-012

Pillar Tap Swan Neck

Wall Mixer CO-013 CO-013

Wall Mixer

Shower CO-014 CO-014


Health Faucet CO-015

Health Faucet

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